Looking For a Career That Offers Opportunities?

Here at Trend Setters School of Cosmetology, you get the professional training you need to succeed not only in technical skills, but also in business skills. We train you to be a leader in the diverse cosmetology industry. Come take a tour of our school and see what sets us apart from any other cosmetology school in the area. Join us as we make a difference in the lives we touch.


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 redsheers Why Choose Our School?

Trend Setters is proud to be a part of the beautiful, historic community of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The city’s population is around 35,000 which includes Southeast Missouri State University. Concerts, sports, cycling, hiking, shopping and cultural events are available. We are located at 835 South Kingshighway in a 6,211 square foot, facility with state-of-the-art equipment and spacious styling, nail tech, skin care, classrooms and student lounge.

We believe giving back to your community is part of becoming a professional and a good citizen. Trend Setters teaches this through a unique Community Service Component of our training. While in school, every student at Trend Setters contributes one (1) hour per month of training to a select community service organization. For example, if the course of study is 12 months, the student gives a total of 12 hours to help others.
Our goal is to help graduates become aware of the needs of the communities they will grow their careers in and find opportunities to give back after they are out of school.

redsheers Our Mission & Objectives

Our Mission: The objective of Trend Setters School of Cosmetology, Inc. is to produce highly trained and well educated graduates to successfully pass licensure examinations and find gainful employment in salons and spas. We are committed to excellence in cosmetology arts and sciences education. Educational systems and programs are updated constantly to keep the student’s interests first, and our educational quality high.

Our Objectives:

  • TO EQUIP students with the theory and practical knowledge in preparation for patron beauty care or for entry into occupations of educator, demonstrator or the numerous fields in the beauty industry.
  • TO INSTILL in the students a deep sense of responsibility for the patron, fellow workers and supervisors, and the beauty profession.
  • TO REACH values and objectives consistent with the highest levels of professional ethics, salesmanship, skills and creativity.
  • TO NURTURE in the student the desire to convey personal regard for ethics and ideals to all with whom they come into contact.
  • TO DEVELOP leadership and salesmanship abilities in the students as necessary to success and the integrity of the beauty profession.
  • TO INCREASE in each student a regard for his or her own health, physical fitness and poise.
  • TO STRENGTHEN in the student a deep awareness of the newest methods of beauty care.
  • TO PROVIDE students with high fashion beauty training through carefully supervised practical experience.

redsheers Contact Us Today To Schedule a Tour of Our School!

835 S. Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau, Mo 63703. 573-335-9977