Trend Setters School is Accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences, Inc.


What Is Accreditation?

Accreditation is awarded by independent and impartial third party agencies tasked with evaluating whether a school meets a set of nationwide educational standards for its industry. Schools must be accredited by an agency approved by the US Department of Education to become eligible to offer student financial aid under federal Title IV programs. Because the process of accreditation is often rigorous, accreditation can be seen as evidence of as a school’s educational quality and professional integrity.

Trend Setters School is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS), a leading nationwide accrediting agency for proprietary cosmetology and barber schools. Our initial grant of accreditation in July 2017 followed a rigorous two-year process that required the school to submit financial auditing, comprehensive program assessments, and verification that Trend Setters exceeds nationwide benchmarks for student graduation, job placement, and professional licensure rates. Trend Setters was re-accredited for an additional six years in August 2020.

Why should I care if my school is accredited?

Just because a school, college, or academy is unaccredited doesn’t mean it’s a bad or untrustworthy institution. The problem is that with an unaccredited school, you simply may not be sure about the quality of the education offered. That institution might have a poor record of job placement, it may be in financial distress, or its students may not be doing very well at state licensure examinations. You just don’t know.

Beauty and barbering schools are expensive. If you want to be sure that your time and money will be spent wisely, it helps to have feedback from a trustworthy, independent, and objective third party to help you make the best decision. And that’s the purpose of accreditation.

Make the right decision for your education: Go with an accredited school.


Trend Setters School staff, photographed August 2020 during the covid-19 pandemic.